How to Install RHEL's "tuned" in Ubuntu & derivates

Tuned is a daemon for monitoring and adaptive tuning of system devices built by Red Hat for Fedora/RHEL/CentOS systems. What it does is tweaking the system settings according to some profiles in order to get a desired level of performance and/or behavior from the system devices. Some of the profiles available are:

  • balanced
  • default
  • desktop-powersave
  • enterprise-storage
  • laptop-ac-powersave
  • laptop-battery-powersave
  • latency-performance
  • powersave
  • server-powersave
  • spindown-disk
  • throughput-performance
  • virtual-guest
  • virtual-host

And you can read what each one of these does here if you're curious about it.

Basically, tuned changes many things in a computer with one command: I/O Settings, CPU-Frequency settings, Kernel-Sysctl settings, etc. in order to make the machine behave as expected according to the selected profile. This is a very powerful and useful tool, (yet easy to use) and now you can also enjoy it's benefits in Ubuntu and derivates.

To install it, just run:

1. sudo apt-get install git git-core build-essential
2. sudo apt-get install rpm python-decorator python-dbus python-gobject python-pyudev python-configobj
3. git clone
4. git checkout dbus-manual-restart
5. sudo make install

Reboot your system and then you can manage tuned with the following commands:

sudo tuned-adm list (list all the available profiles)
sudo tuned-adm profile profile_name (set profile)

More info about Tuned's manipulation is available here.