How to Install Evolus Pencil on Ubuntu and derivates (standalone)

Pencil (by Evolus) is a very cool multiplatform app for creating wireframes and it is available for Linux. The pencil project only releases RPM binaries for Fedora and, (in the case of other distros such as Ubuntu) you can use the app through a Firefox extension... The problem is, sometimes the Pencil extension doesn't get updated at the same time as Firefox does, having compatibility issues as newer versions of the browser get released.

If you're using Ubuntu (or one of it's derivates) you can install pencil (in a standalone way) by downloading the RPM from their site and then running:

1. sudo apt-get install alien
2. sudo alien --to-deb 'path/to/pencil.rpm'
3. sudo dpkg -i 'path/to/pencil.deb'
4. FFVER=`grep -Po "\d{2}\.\d+" /usr/lib/firefox/platform.ini`
5. ARCH=`uname -p`
6. XURL=$FFVER/runtimes/xulrunner-$FFVER.en-US.linux-$ARCH.tar.bz2
7. cd /opt
8. sudo sh -c "wget -O- $XURL | tar -xj"
9. sudo chmod +x /opt/xulrunner/xulrunner

Then we have to modify the Pencil launch command with:

gksu gedit /usr/bin/pencil

Replacing in there /usr/bin/xulrunner with /opt/xulrunner/xulrunner:

And that's all, Open the Pencil app and start using it: